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Passion drives our creativity.

We’re passionate about helping you find your creative voice. Our goal is to champion brands and bring them into the spotlight. We leverage your unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps, and deliver the right customers to you. Our team offers unparalleled creative solutions to all of our clients, and is determined to see every job through to its success.


Jared Quackenbush, the owner of Roc City Media, has a deep-seated passion for videography and photography that has taken him on an exciting journey around the world. His love for capturing compelling visuals and helping people boost their brand recognition has been the driving force behind his successful career.

In Jared’s eyes, videography and photography are more than just skills; they are tools for effective storytelling and brand promotion. His work at Roc City Media reflects his commitment to helping others achieve their goals by creating content that captures the essence of their message. Jared’s down-to-earth approach and dedication to his craft continue to make a significant impact in the world of visual media.

Jared Q.
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