Lord's Chimney

What We Do For Them

Roc City Media oversees the management of the Lord’s Chimney social media accounts and advertising campaigns. We conduct quarterly on-site video and photo shoots to facilitate the creation of new and engaging content, including staff profiles, service highlights, job updates, and promotional videos that align with the company’s brand image and objectives.

The Results

  • Our collaborative efforts have driven remarkable organic traffic, with a total of 47,556 clicks.
  • While our content reached an impressive 3,696,753 total impressions.
  • Our work has resonated with a broad audience, reaching 1,052,503 people in a meaningful way.
  • We take pride in being the creative force behind all the visual content that enhances their website branding, further solidifying our commitment to delivering exceptional results for Lord’s Chimney.

Branding Content

Storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, and what better way than to have media created to speak directly and clearly to your customers.

Employee Highlights

These videos help potential customers understand who they are hiring and make the people within your company relatable!

Customer Service

Tell your customers what they can expect when they choose your brand. Speak to your customers directly across multiple channels.

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